DACHSER Air & Sea Logistics - Solutions for global air and sea freight

DACHSER Air & Sea Logistics provides central logistics services to clients from every industry and of every size for the management of their global goods shipments. These services range from global transport consultation on air and sea freight services through to the operational handling of the freight on-site. This combination of global network and regional proximity to the customer is the key to providing the best possible quality of services. There is a set contact person for all inquiries and all services are coordinated on-site.

Worldwide Gateway network

For global, integrated and highly efficient supply chain solutions, DACHSER Air & Sea Logistics maintains a Gateway network with access to company-run branches around the world. In addition, the company cooperates with proven partner companies at a local level. As part of the DACHSER Gateway strategy, goods are consolidated at the largest air and sea ports around the world and forwarded on from there.

Customers also benefit from the many years of experience offered by DACHSER employees. They set themselves apart with their excellent knowledge of the industry, their closeness to the customer and their high levels of customer service. Together with the client, they design tailor-made transport solutions which focus primarily on the requirements of the industry in question. From the start, the customer knows their contact will investigate all possibilities relating to the transport.

DACHSER Air & Sea Logistics in detail

Organization of specific cargo services and charter aircraft

All conventional logistics services are included in the management of projects, as well as special freight services tailored to the customer’s specific needs. These include, among others, special transports for air and sea freight as well as charter aircraft. DACHSER employees with industry experience are responsible for project management. This service area includes hazardous goods handling for transport by air and sea as well as the preparation of all domestic and foreign documents, fiscal representation and the completion of all customs formalities around the world.

Tailored solutions through special industry expertise

In order to more precisely fulfill the needs and requirements of its clients, DACHSER Air & Sea Logistics offers tailor-made, industry-specific solutions. These include the two Corporate Solutions,  DACHSER Chem Logistics and DACHSER DIY Logistics.

Selected partners for air and sea freight

Quality, service and sustainability as top priorities. In order to offer the client a consistently high level of logistics performance at every stage of the supply chain, only those carriers which share the strategy and values of the company are employed as part of the Global Preferred Carrier Strategy, initiated by DACHSER. Beyond high capacities and a solvent business situation, customers can count on reliable transit times and an exacting level of process security through certified procedures.

Thanks to eLogistics and ordermonitor, the goods are never out of sight

Security and transparency have priority. eLogistics enables clients to seamlessly track (tracking and tracing) their goods at every stage of the logistics chain. All along the process chain, all important status information is provided.

ordermonitor is an individually applicable organizational tool. It continually updates the client about the current status of all orders and helps to maintain an overview.

Sustainable Fuel for air freight

As part of DACHSER's climate protection strategy, air freight customers can make use of the additional booking option “Sustainable Fuel”. By blending Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), air freight shipments can thus be transported with 30 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions. The service is available worldwide. To prove that the biofuel has been purchased and that the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions can be credited to the carbon footprint, customers receive an emissions report and a corresponding certificate. 

The main capabilities of DACHSER Air & Sea Logistics

Key competencies

Global Network

Global network with regional proximity to the customer.

Customer-specific concepts

Customer-specific concepts and transport as well as direct shipping, full and partial charter, sea freight project services.

Centrally managed

Centrally managed project development (control tower) with a nominated contact.


Global transport consultation regarding all air and sea freight under one roof with efficient, integrated supply chain solutions for global product flows.

Standards & Uniformity

High economic efficiency through defined performance standards and unified global processes.


Additional services such as door-to-door deliveries, customs clearing, hazardous goods transport, document preparation both domestically and abroad.

Optimization & Analysis

Customer analyses and the optimization of logistics processes with the help of supply chain design programs.


Efficient networking with DACHSER Contract Logistics.