Efficient and creative, with integrity - a global company with heart

As one of the world’s leading logistics companies, DACHSER combines the power of a multinational firm with the values of a traditional family-owned enterprise. The company, founded by Thomas Dachser in 1930 and headquartered in Kempten, consistently pursues a strategy focused on sustainability which is supported by both shareholders and management alike.

DACHSER stands for “Intelligence in Logistics”

This core principle of the brand means, more than anything, that logistics capabilities along the whole supply chain are networked and integrated in particularly efficient and intelligent ways. As a result of the outstanding interaction between three divisions and warehouse activities, DACHSER masters each logistics discipline to the highest degree. DACHSER European Logistics is able to rely on one of the strongest and most effective transportation networks in Europe for procurement and distribution logistics for industrial and consumer goods. DACHSER Food Logistics is one of the leading providers in the field of temperature-controlled food transportation. DACHSER Air & Sea Logistics offers seamless intercontinental connections between DACHSER European Logistics and all global means of transport.

DACHSER sees itself primarily as a partner to its customers. Logistics solutions and service tailored to the needs of the client, in the context of a partnership approach, create genuine win-win situations – which result in a strong foundation for long-term, successful business relationships. Clients benefit from standardized and individual solutions, increased efficiency through unified global processes and motivated, highly-skilled employees. Furthermore, exemplary quality management ensures maximum security for goods at every stage of the supply chain. One essential driving force is the highly efficient and innovative DACHSER IT which sets new standards for the industry time and time again with its own, in-house solutions.

Global Network: Active in every economic center worldwide

DACHSER’s logistics intelligence manifests itself through the company’s Global Network. This closely integrated, worldwide transport and warehouse network with over 382 locations in nearly 43 countries provides the customer with a strong presence in the most important procurement and sales markets in the world. The Global Network is therefore a cornerstone for successful collaboration.

The seamless dovetailing of every logistics specialty at a global level makes distribution and procurement possible, even in the most remote regions. Customers can depend on the predictable, reliable handling of orders with maximum efficiency in logistics processes. As part of DACHSER Contract Logistics, you have access to intelligently managed logistics and warehouse services as well as additional services (Value Added Services) precisely tailored to your needs. Regular quality controls and continuous tracking of goods during storage and transport mean the highest possible degree of security.

As a family-owned enterprise, DACHSER stands for

  • Consistent customer focus: The benchmark for our employees in their daily work is the quality of our logistics services in relation to the specific needs of the client
  • Intelligent logistics: The unique integration of logistical factors such as transport, warehouse services and Value Added Services (VAS) with powerful IT makes DACHSER a trailblazer in the logistics industry
  • Integrated Supply Chain Services: DACHSER offers numerous additional services such as supply chain design, control tower, tracking & tracing, customs clearance, insurance, transfer in transit warehouse or KPI reporting
  • Our commitment to our employees: DACHSER promotes the long-term well-being and performance of our employees and offers them unique opportunities for personal development through DACHSER Career Management. “No talent is wasted, everyone is seen as an individual,” is the motto which guides DACHSER’s personnel policies
  • Integrity: As a family-owned enterprise with a rich tradition, DACHSER promotes a corporate culture of mutual respect, appreciation and tolerance both between employees and for those of other cultures
  • Corporate Sustainability: As a global transport and logistics provider, DACHSER pursues sustainable business policies on an economic, ecological and social level

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