Compliance - Integrity is a question of attitude

“Integrity in Logistics” is the self-imposed moral commitment of the major family-led company DACHSER. It is based upon respect for society, its citizens and their norms, which must be respected, followed and upheld. This is done both as part of our daily work as well as in our interactions with others.

DACHSER Compliance Management covers both the internal company Code of Conduct as well as the DACHSER conduct guidelines. These mandatory rules and guidelines clearly specify that all DACHSER employees are to act ethically and legally in carrying out their tasks and services and consistently adhere to national laws. This also applies to the customs, traditions and societal values of each state and society.

DACHSER Group SE & Co. KG Managing Board Compliance Statement (2021)

Compliance is "human". Our Compliance Management System (CMS) depends to a large extent on the individual behavior of each and every one of us. Even in times of advancing digitalization, compliance retains its fundamental traits and remains an appeal to human interaction.  

DACHSER CMS has always focused first and foremost on "people". Of course, strict formalities, well-established processes and explicit rules of conduct are an essential part of our CMS. Likewise, intensive training, ongoing risk assessments or internal control mechanisms are part of it right from the start. However, all these technical modules are only the visible shell of what we understand to be hidden behind compliance.

In our opinion, what constitutes the "human factor" of compliance? As a family business, DACHSER in particular has always based its compliance on the traditional value framework of the DACHSER organization. We take the opportunity to orient the common life in the DACHSER family to our values. What is taken for granted by all employees when they start working for DACHSER ("That's just how DACHSER ticks, I don't know it any other way") is also carried into the cooperation with our business partners with justified pride. Compliance itself remains in the background and provides the necessary but reliable safeguards.

Particularly in the difficult times of the pandemic, we are building on human cooperation and pulling together with our business partners. Compliance therefore remains "human" despite - or precisely because of - the experienced contact restrictions within a team or the reduced opportunities for personal exchange with the business partner. 

With "Integrity in Logistics", DACHSER is a reliable partner for our customers.


Below you will find additional compliance documents available for download (Guidelines for reporting potential misconduct, Employee code of conduct, Code of conduct for business partners).

Your information is important to us!

Here you can find further details on contacting the Compliance Office should you become aware of potential misconduct within the company.


Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct applies worldwide to all employees and organisational units at DACHSER. It describes binding principles of conduct which are to be upheld by everyone.


Code of Conduct for Business Partners

The "DACHSER Code of Conduct for Business Partners" is an orientation for all companies wishing to do business with DACHSER.

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