Our Executive Board - passionate about intelligent logistics

Over the past decades, DACHSER has implemented innovative, forward-looking business concepts which have helped it become one of the world's leading logistics companies. The driving force behind this dynamic, innovative energy in the company is a team with a common understanding of shared basic values and goals: all participants see their core tasks as driving the expansion of DACHSER, while strengthening its position as a family-owned enterprise so it can meet future challenges.

Success is and will continue to be based on their commitment, expertise and team spirit. The entire management team shares the same entrepreneurial spirit. Their combined expertise and commitment to sustainable business practices are a guarantee for the long-term profitability and thus the future viability of DACHSER.

The DACHSER Executive Board

Burkhard Eling - CEO

As Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at DACHSER, Burkhard Eling is in charge of the Corporate Strategy, Human Resources, Marketing executive unit and is directly responsible for Corporate Key Account Management and Corporate Governance & Compliance. Eling also heads the company-wide strategic ideas and innovation management program, Idea2net.



Stefan Hohm - CDO

Stefan Hohm is the Chief Development Officer (CDO) at DACHSER and oversees the IT & Development executive unit. In his role as CDO, he is responsible for the company-wide IT system landscape, contract logistics, industry solutions, and innovation management.


Dr. Tobias Burger - COO Air & Sea Logistics

Dr. Tobias Burger is Chief Operations Officer (COO) Air & Sea Logistics at DACHSER. He is responsible for Air & Sea Logistics and for DACHSER's growth strategy in its global markets.


Alexander Tonn - COO Road Logistics

Alexander Tonn is Chief Operations Officer (COO Road Logistics) at DACHSER and is responsible for the Road Logistics Executive Unit with its business lines DACHSER European Logistics and DACHSER Food Logistics.