Integrity in Logistics

With "Integrity in Logistics", we describe the topic of compliance in particular as a demand on ourselves, but at the same time also on our business partners.

DACHSER is convinced that a sustainably managed and future-proof company is based to a significant extent on the conduct with integrity of all persons involved in the process. With honest, reliable, and trustworthy behavior, we want to create the basis for long-term and successful business relationships.

The key messages of "Integrity in Logistics" are:

  • We link compliance theory to business practice and see them as two interconnected elements
  • We want to protect our company from compliance risks
  • We support our customers to protect their own businesses
  • We don't just provide logistical services - we ensure integrity in all situations and processes
  • We combine our DACHSER values with real business
  • We respect the expectations of our employees to act with integrity
  • We ensure a sustainable business relationship with our business partners
  • We respect the expectations of our business partners to operate in accordance with legal and ethical standards
  • We establish a solid basis for a trusting cooperation with our business partners