Globally networked logistics thanks to intelligent IT

The DACHSER IT network is one of the most innovative in the entire industry. Core systems developed in-house, internal computing centers and an intelligently networked IT system landscape make it possible to manage and optimize logistics processes and the exchange of data down to the last detail. At the same time, DACHSER information logistics offers consistent, globally homogeneous solutions instead of a diversity of systems.

Unified hardware and software at all of our branches provide the seamless flow of data for logistics processes. All core systems are available for secure communication and the completion of orders in multiple languages. With DACHSER’s information logistics, customers benefit from numerous competitive advantages: These include standardized, need-based, tailor-made transport solutions, as well as total transparency, through seamless information management in a secure system. For the optimal security of customer data, DACHSER became one of the first logistics service providers to have its IT certified to the international standard for information security, DIN EN ISO/IEC 27001:2017.

DACHSER IT places particular emphasis on:

  • Comprehensive virus protection
  • Permanent spam prevention
  • Security for internet applications
  • Safeguarding and emergency planning
  • Confidentiality rules

DACHSER IT in detail

In-house IT solutions for secure transport and warehouse processes

DACHSER sets the pace for the logistics industry. As there were no transport and warehouse management systems available on the market that met the exacting requirements of intelligent information logistics, DACHSER developed its own IT solutions early on which can be used to manage even the most complex logistical processes. We employ over 600 centralized and decentralized IT specialists in our Corporate IT at Kempten and Malsch (Germany), Chanverrie (France) as well as at the Regional Head Office Americas, APAC and Iberia. In addition, around 250 IT coordinators at the worldwide branches offer you personal IT support and act as the first point of contact on-site for customers. The IT security team is responsible for all matters pertaining to information security.

The right applications for transport bookings, cargo rates and shipments

DACHSER information logistics combines various interconnected applications which allow customers to manage, execute and monitor logistic processes.

The DACHSER systems determine the best possible transport route, the corresponding cargo rates and get the shipment underway safely. Thanks to a seamless tracking and tracing system, customers can always keep an eye on their shipments. Not only this, but all processes in the warehouse can be externally monitored and controlled.

Customers receive access to the web portal eLogistics, which allows them to digitally manage all processes during transport and in the warehouse. eLogistics acts as a sort of window on all other logistics applications. This makes it possible to manage and monitor logistics tasks and processes cost-effectively – whether customers want to manage their transport orders and calculate cargo rates or monitor the progress of their shipments and processes within the warehouse: eLogistics connects a simple, intuitive application to high quality data, all with seamless transparency.

The special role played by ActiveReport. This Supply Chain Event Management Tool provides fully automated monitoring of shipments at every stage of the logistics process. In the event of variations in the defined performance, whether that be rejections, shortages or late deliveries, the system immediately and proactively alerts both the DACHSER service personnel and the customer. As an international service provider, DACHSER is committed to multilingual applications. Customer applications such as eLogistics are available in 15 languages, making them usable worldwide.

The EDI Center - the systems interpreter

In order to ensure a seamless data flow between all of the parties and systems, DACHSER operates its own EDI Center as a central communications platform. Standardized, customer-specific interfaces enable the continual exchange of all relevant information. By converting data sets from various systems, the EDI Center functions as an interpreter. More than 20,000 customers around the world use the system. As they are connected directly to DACHSER’s transport and warehouse management systems, they benefit from the greatest possible process and cyber security, effective time saving and the prevention of errors.

The main capabilities of the DACHSER IT network

Key competencies


End-to-end information flow thanks to homogeneous systems.


Transparency with regard to all logistics functions and applications thanks to the comprehensive networking of all systems.

High-level Security

The highest level of security thanks to a company-operated computing center, private cloud and IT security team.

Own computing center

Customer data are hosted exclusively at our own computing center, not by third-party providers.

Certified IT

DACHSER is certified as fulfilling all the requirements for information security to ISO 27001.

Unified IT system

Globally unified IT system status thanks to weekly updates.

Direct Contact

Direct contact person at an in-house IT service desk.

Fast access to data

High degree of security and the fastest possible access to data.


High degree of flexibility for customer-specific requirements.

Innovative technology

The highest quality standards through the use of innovative technology.

24/7 Hotline

Backup connections for all branches as well as a 24/7 hotline.

The DACHSER core systems Domino, Mikado and Othello

Around the world, customers benefit from our internally developed, multilingual DACHSER core systems which are closely linked to eLogistics. With Domino, Mikado and Othello, DACHSER has created globally recognized standards in information logistics – while still considering the particular requirements of individual countries. Through these application-oriented solutions, DACHSER handles the customer’s entire supply chain.

Domino – organizing transport from A to Z

With the transport management system Domino, developed by DACHSER IT specialists, all process steps from end to end are organized in one system – from scheduling, to the automatic tracking of shipments, to invoicing and packing material management. This creates a basis for the complete execution and monitoring of all logistics processes. The agile software is updated weekly and is continually being developed to enable high-quality standardization to connect with the individual requirements of our customers. In 1993, DACHSER was the first logistics provider to introduce globally standardized NVE bar codes, revolutionizing the industry. Since then, all packages have been consistently labeled and scanned at every interface to provide seamless digital documentation of the shipment's progress. Domino is available in 16 languages.

Othello – the secure route for air and sea freight

Othello, the intelligent, global transport management system for air and ocean freight delivers the greatest consistency ever achieved in terms of information flow, providing the highest level of efficiency and transparency at every stage of the supply chain. Air and sea freight are thereby integrated into a globally unified system with homogenized connections to overland transport and warehouse activities. Using unique ID numbers, shipments can be tracked across every process step. Othello is available in 21 countries.

Mikado – the digital window into the warehouse

The warehouse management system Mikado manages and supports every process at DACHSER warehouses, such as receipt of goods, inventory and goods dispatch. At the same time, MIKADO transfers all order, movement and inventory data to the EDI center. There, the data sets are converted and finally forwarded to Domino and the customer systems. The data are scanned at the interface points and exchanged wirelessly between the system and the mobile data entry devices (MDE). The high stability and maturity of the systems, as well as the unified global standard thanks to weekly updates, ensure the seamless processing of orders. Another contributing factor is that DACHSER addresses country-specific requirements from the start and reacts flexibly to customer requirements. Mikado is available in 17 languages.