Social responsibility: Focus on the human being

An important aspect in the sustainability strategy of DACHSER is the social responsibility of the company toward every individual who works with or for us.

Logistics is made by people for people. This will not change even in times of digitalization and automation. People are always the focus at DACHSER. They keep the supply chains running and find tailor-made solutions for our customers.

Appreciation of every individual is therefore the basis of our thoughts and actions. The way in which people at DACHSER work with and for one another, distinguishes us from our competitors. All the people in our diverse and unique network contribute to the current and future success of the company with their experience, job, personality, background, culture, talent and skills.

People at DACHSER
People at DACHSER

Not least in view of an increasingly strained labor market, we must and want to offer employees an experience that differs from our competitors and strengthens loyalty and cohesion. A central element of our human resources strategy is also to make work at DACHSER as attractive as possible and provide our employees with the latest technologies.

The business model of DACHSER is tailored to an ideal customer experience. We need to strengthen the loyalty of our employees in order to attract customers and retain them. To attract and retain the right employees, it is essential that we also find and offer solutions for them that are just as good as those we strive to provide for our customers.

The foundation of the strategic focus program “Logistics is People Business” is the constant effort to cultivate a valuable approach that sees differences as an opportunity, appreciates the performance of the individual and is guided by the desire to deal with each person, their needs and abilities individually. In its four dimensions – Employee Experience, Collaboration, Learning & Development and Corporate Culture – it is an important contribution to our sustainability activities.

DACHSER and terre des hommes: Various aid projects

More background information and updates on our project work with terre des hommes in South Asia, Southern Africa, and Latin America can be found on our microsite.