The DACHSER Warehouse Network - warehouse logistics for regional and global product streams

DACHSER Warehouses are a central element of our integrated supply chain solutions for the procurement and distribution of goods. Warehousing services are offered as part of DACHSER Contract Logistics. With over 2 million pallet spaces, the existing warehouses represent a comprehensive network in Europe, North Africa, Asia and the USA. The warehouses are designed for both multiple and single users. DACHSER also offers special in-house solutions.

The network is tailored to the needs of a wide variety of companies, thanks to its efficient product flow: Global companies are able to professionally manage their worldwide commodity flows with the help of DACHSER Contract Logistics and rely on the optimally controlled DACHSER processes for the storage and management of raw and finished materials at the warehouses. At the same time, medium-sized companies benefit from the comprehensive services and opportunities if they want to set up or re-orient their sales and procurement markets at home or abroad.

Individual storage and processing procedures for maximum efficiency

In addition to excellent knowledge of the industry and standardized system solutions, holistic and integrated logistics concepts require a deep understanding of the client’s business processes and logistics structures. DACHSER creates maximum logistical efficiency and economy, relying on standard processes wherever possible in order to ensure a high level of process reliability, quality, and productivity. Upon request, the standard processes can be supplemented according to the customer’s individual process requirements.

The logistics concepts are supported by various order picking technologies and optimal technical equipment. The automation of special processes and numerous value added services form part of the DACHSER warehouse network's comprehensive service offering.  They create even more flexibility and more efficient processes at the various stages of the supply chain – providing the client with a noticeably optimized logistics balance sheet.

The main capabilities of the DACHSER Warehouse Network

Key competencies

Our experts

Drawing on their in-depth product, industry, and market knowledge, DACHSER experts design customer-specific, high-performance logistics solutions and integrate them into daily operations.

Controlled processes

Optimally controlled processes lead to safe, high-quality solutions.

Flow of Goods

Intelligent structures, flexible equipment, and numerous Value Added Services (VAS) provide for an optimized flow of goods.


Logistics services and VAS are constantly being refined to respond to customer and market needs.

One System

Global markets – one system: Customers can take advantage of a globally available Warehouse Management System (WMS) for the digitization of their warehouse processes.


All around the world, clients receive the same high level of logistics services, functionality, and operational control.

Our Network

The network grows with every new customer. This opens new warehouse locations and sales markets for our clients.

Special industry expertise

DACHSER Chem Logistics and DACHSER DIY Logistics offers tailored solutions through special industry expertise.