Anjali is a girl living her dreams

DACHSER began collaborating with the international children's charity Terre des Hommes 16 years ago. Children's rights, access to education, and the promotion of sustainability and environmental protection have always been important components of this partnership. A girl named Anjali in the north of India is one child who has been given the chance at a better life by this commitment.

Anjali in her own tailoring shop.

Anjali, who lives in a small village in the state of Uttar Pradesh, is a Musahar and thus belongs to one of India’s most disadvantaged communities. Since most Musahars do not receive any of the state benefits for underprivileged castes, they suffer from poverty, malnutrition, discrimination and a lack of educational opportunities.

She studied in her spare time

To supplement her family’s income, Anjali left school in the 7th grade and went to work with her parents in the fields. This, however, did not stop the self-confident youth from continuing to pursue her dreams. During her breaks from work, she borrowed textbooks from friends to continue her education.

She then came to the attention of one of Terre des Hommes' partners, Samudaik Kalyan Evam Vikas Sansthan (SKVS), and the two organizations persuaded her parents to allow her to take a six-month tailoring course financially supported by DACHSER.

Anjali continued to work in the fields, but also regularly attended the tailoring course. After completing the course, she opened her own tailoring shop. Since some villagers in Anjali's community were finding it difficult to obtain mouth-and-nose coverings, Anjali sewed 650 masks and distributed them to families who could not afford them. In doing so, she became a role model for many girls in her village.

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