Austrian wood

Maple, cherry, beech, or oak: Austrian trees make for beautiful hardwood floors in living rooms, hotels, and offices. And deisl parkettmanufaktur is a trusted company in this field. Its commitment to product quality extends to service logistics; after all, customers want flooring to be installed on time.

Deisl uses a patented shape-retention system to create unique structures in flooring surfaces.

Deisl parkettmanufaktur specializes in hardwood flooring that meets high-end technical and aesthetic requirements. This family-operated business transforms Austrian wood into hardwood floors at its production facility in Liezen, Austria. Surfaces are tailored to customers’ wishes, meaning no two are the same. Deisl uses a patented shape-retention system to create unique structures in flooring surfaces, allowing for floors that double as premium eye-catchers. And small overlays are a great touch that deisl offers both to businesses and private customers.

“We insist on quality and flexibility in logistics, too. That’s why we’ve been working with DACHSER Austria for seven years now—longer than with any other service provider,” says managing director Michael Deisl. Indeed, the Austrian wood specialists have high logistics expectations that some providers have failed to meet in the past. Deisl supplies many hotels and companies in city centers, often in pedestrian-only areas. This means deliveries must be scheduled and executed precisely.

From Austrian forests to Germany, Austria, and Switzerland

“We spend as little time as possible on such arrangements, leaving them to our logistics partner instead,” explains Mr. Deisl. He calls his approach “fire and forget”: deisl places an order, provides any additional information on the order or the installation site in question, and the service provider takes care of the rest. Dachser picks up shipments at deisl’s Liezen production facility every day for delivery to customers throughout Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Groupage freight accounts for most shipments. If customers buy large quantities for warehousing, then partial deliveries will be transported.

Mr. Deisl receives an electronic confirmation of receipt just 30 minutes after delivery. DACHSER proactively informs him if there are any delivery issues or damaged goods. “We clarify any unforeseeable issues directly with deisl’s customers whenever possible,” says Andreas Grüner, who works in sales at DACHSER in Linz, Austria. This lessens Mr. Deisl’s burden as managing director, as he can rest assured that his service partner will handle deliveries from start to finish. And that allows Mr. Deisl to concentrate even more on what he excels at and prefers to do: working with wood.

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