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DACHSER & FERCAM Italia: New location in Cattolica

DACHSER & FERCAM Italia opened a new branch in Cattolica in mid-April, strengthening its presence in the dynamically growing economic region on the Adriatic coast. The area around the provincial capital of Rimini is characterized by industrial companies and, with the furniture factories in the provinces of Fano and Pesaro, has numerous export-oriented companies.

The new branch of DACHSER & FERCAM strengthens the Italian groupage network on the Adriatic highway.

The new branch with a total area of almost 11,000 square meters relieves the existing location in Cesena in the Emilia-Romagna region and offers direct connections with the whole of Italy via the DACHSER & FERCAM Italia groupage network. Europe is connected to the DACHSER site in Gersthofen near Augsburg via direct line. The new logistics facility has 44 gates for loading and unloading trucks, and over 3,300 square meters are available for handling general cargo. The site is equipped with a 100 kWp photovoltaic system to provide an additional supply of environmentally friendly energy. 

"As a reliable partner to the local economy, we can now offer even better daily general cargo connections at national and European level," explains Carlo Lorenzo Pasini, Branch Manager of DACHSER & FERCAM Italia in Cattolica.

New jobs in the province of Rimini

The new branch in Cattolica creates new jobs in the province of Rimini. The branch itself employs a total of 25 people, in addition to around 40 transport companies that are regularly deployed and are growing together with DACHSER & FERCAM Italia. "We often have long-standing, trusting relationships with our competent transport partners. Their trustworthiness and reliability underpin the quality of our service," explains Carmine Pisano, Regional Manager at DACHSER & FERCAM Italia.

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