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DACHSER, myclimate, and terre des hommes agree on a climate action program

Developing long-term climate action projects together worldwide

DACHSER, the climate protection organization myclimate, and the children’s rights organization terre des hommes have agreed to enter into a long-term collaboration. Together, the international logistics provider and the nonprofit organizations will launch new climate action projects worldwide and expand existing initiatives. An agreement to this effect was signed in December 2023.

Burkhard Eling (DACHSER), Joshua Hofert (terre des hommes), Bernhard Simon (DACHSER), Stefan Baumeister (myclimate), Stefan Hohm (DACHSER)
Burkhard Eling (DACHSER), Joshua Hofert (terre des hommes), Bernhard Simon (DACHSER), Stefan Baumeister (myclimate), Stefan Hohm (DACHSER)

Set to run for six years, the collaboration between DACHSER, myclimate, and terre des hommes addresses two complementary fields of action: climate action projects with myclimate that are certified to recognized standards in South America, Africa, Asia, and Europe; and climate action projects together with terre des hommes geared toward supporting children and young people worldwide with an additional focus on climate action.

We want to make an honest and meaningful contribution to environmental and climate action

Bernhard Simon, Chairman of the DACHSER Supervisory Board

terre des hommes and its local partner organizations have many years of experience in working with children and young people who are fighting for their right to a healthy environment. myclimate operates projects worldwide to promote measurable climate protection and sustainable development. A steering committee with representatives from DACHSER, myclimate, and terre des hommes has been established to oversee project selection and program management.

“We want to make an honest and meaningful contribution to environmental and climate action,” says Bernhard Simon, Chairman of the DACHSER Supervisory Board and a member of the Steering Committee for the climate action collaboration. “As a logistics provider, we focus on actively reducing emissions through process and energy efficiency as well as research and development. But we’re also committed to making a difference beyond our corporate boundaries. The agreement with myclimate and terre des hommes now gives these activities a sustainable framework.” A particularly important component of the collaboration, and one that sets it apart from other climate action initiatives, is the involvement of long-standing partner terre des hommes. “People in emerging and developing countries are being hit hard by climate change. We want to get involved locally to preserve and improve the livelihoods of children and young people,” Simon continues.

Stefan Hohm, Chief Development Officer (CDO) at DACHSER, adds: “We won’t just be making a financial contribution, we’ll also be actively shaping the projects. For us, the focus isn’t on CO2 credits. We’re not planning to use the positive climate effects that these projects are intended to have for offsetting purposes or as an advertising claim like ‘climate neutral,’ nor do we want to transfer them to third parties. Our aim is to promote climate action with targeted, long-term initiatives. We have found a very experienced partner in myclimate, and we look forward to implementing our high standards together.”

Joint project work for more climate action

The collaboration is already working on projects in South America, Africa, Asia, and Europe. It will be able to expand proven myclimate concepts and transfer them to other regions. There are also plans for entirely new projects. DACHSER will finance the projects and will be heavily involved in selection and development. Both myclimate and terre des hommes will be responsible for developing the project portfolio and for ongoing program management, working together with local partners. All projects must be sustainable and long-term in nature, they must make a clear contribution to achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and they must feature measurable indicators that are to be certified according to recognized standards.

Stefan Baumeister, Managing Director of myclimate Germany, explains: “This agreement is something special for us. Long-term collaboration of the kind we’re now engaging in with DACHSER is the key to delivering effective projects that protect the climate while promoting social development. This exceptionally wide-ranging collaboration is set to enable a great many more of the climate action measures that are urgently needed worldwide.”

The collaboration will focus on the category of community projects, which include access to clean local energy supplies and cooking energy, improved access to drinking water, improvements in agriculture and food security, as well as waste management and e-mobility. It will also consider technological efforts to reduce CO2.

Climate action for a better livelihood

Local support, especially for children and young people, is also at the heart of DACHSER’s collaboration with terre des hommes. Now, myclimate will advise and support the international children’s rights organization, particularly on quality and certification issues.

Joshua Hofert, Executive Board Member and Spokesperson at terre des hommes, says: “The climate crisis is having a major impact on the lives of poor and disadvantaged children in many regions of the world. Every year, around 1.7 million children under the age of five die from diseases caused by poor environmental conditions. Every child has the right to live in a healthy environment. Our new collaboration with DACHSER and myclimate is intended to help make this children’s right a reality.” DACHSER has been working with terre des hommes since 2005 to help people help themselves and to realize children’s rights worldwide. Various projects in South Asia, Southern Africa, Latin America, and Ukraine aim to improve the lives of children and young people today and in the future.

About myclimate
The nonprofit organization myclimate is a subsidiary of the Swiss foundation myclimate. Together with industry partners and private individuals, myclimate wants to shape the future of the world through advisory services and educational programs, as well as its own climate action projects. myclimate advises companies on integrated climate protection with tangible added value, carries out CO2 assessments of companies and events, prepares life cycle assessments of products, and offers the option of financing climate action projects. myclimate’s climate action projects meet the highest quality standards and contribute to achieving the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. More at:

About terre des hommes
The goal of terre des hommes is to bring about an “Earth of Humanity.” The international children’s rights organization works together with children for their rights, for fair living conditions, and for fair opportunities for the future. It protects children and young people from slavery and exploitation and provides education and training. It helps displaced children and cares for victims of war, persecution, violence, and abuse. terre des hommes campaigns for children’s right to a healthy environment, it combats discrimination, and it is committed to helping marginalized communities. To this end, it supports 379 projects together with local partner organizations in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, and Europe.

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