DACHSER testing electric heavy truck

In spring 2018, Mercedes-Benz will deliver ten fully electric heavy eActros trucks to transport companies and fleet operators in Germany and Switzerland. DACHSER has secured one of these sought-after vehicles from what’s known as the innovation fleet and will be putting it through its paces.

Electric 18-ton truck completes fleet for emissions-free supply chain

With the launch of the eActros, Mercedes-Benz is putting the first heavy electric delivery trucks on the road. Following the practical test, the eActros is scheduled to enter production in 2021. However, the vast majority of its components are either ready or almost ready for mass production. In the meantime, Mercedes-Benz says it still has “a number of technical and in particular economic questions to answer; first and foremost concerning battery range and cost, but also regarding the infrastructure required for use in commercial fleets.”

Heavy electric truck based on Actros

The test vehicles come in three different versions and DACHSER chose the 18-ton model with canvas cover and arches. The eActros uses the same frame of the established conventional Actros, but is powered by two electric motors with a rated voltage of 400V and an output of 125 kW, plus 485 Nm of torque each. That converts to 11,000 Nm, which in terms of driving performance puts the eActros on a par with a diesel truck. A total of eleven steel-reinforced battery packs ensure the supply of power. The maximum axle load is 11.5 metric tons, offering a range of 200 kilometers.
“Originally conceived as a research project aimed at developing sustainable, innovative solutions for city-center deliveries, the City Distribution project has achieved considerable momentum—capturing the spirit of the times,” says Stefan Hohm, Corporate Director, Corporate Solutions, Research & Development. “Using our modular toolbox and the experience and data gathered from our pilot tests in Stuttgart and Paris, DACHSER branches can and will actively approach major cities and work with them to establish tailored solutions for the city-center deliveries of tomorrow.”

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