Europe logistics: Let’s party

Balloons, garlands, table and wall decorations: When it comes to having a good time, PartyDeco knows how to get people anywhere in Europe into the party mood. The high service standard and the short delivery times needed to ensure every party is a success.

When it comes to having a good time, PartyDeco knows how to get people anywhere in Europe into the party mood.

From playful to elegant: the right party atmosphere needs the right decorations. Polish trading company PartyDeco now relies on DACHSER to deliver party accessories and decorations across the whole of Europe. There is no shortage of demand for its wide range of party products. Shipments via DACHSER more than doubled in number from 735 in 2015 to 1,491 in 2017.

Every weekday, DACHSER’s Szczecin branch in northwestern Poland sends goods to several European countries on behalf of PartyDeco. The party item producer is expanding its business at breakneck speed: 30 percent of the decorations DACHSER transports now make their way via the European Road network to France, with 26 percent going to Germany. Italy and Scandinavian countries, including Denmark and Sweden, are also major purchasers of party items.

“We want to offer our customers in Poland and across Europe the best possible level of service. Thanks to its outstanding distribution network, DACHSER is a perfect fit for PartyDeco’s business goals,” says Bartłomiej Wasyłenko, logistics director at PartyDeco. Having started out in 1995 as a small family business of wedding decoration, it is now an international company with 150 employees and hundreds of different party products in its portfolio. Throughout this growth story, DACHSER has stood at PartyDeco’s side as a reliable partner and adviser.

eLogistics online platform plays a central role

Today, PartyDeco enjoys ever shorter delivery times and the productline targospeed to various European countries. The pioneering eLogistics online platform plays a central role in all this: by giving each online order a unique tracking number for its entire journey—no matter how many countries it passes through—eLogistics ensures that orders can always be found. Available in 15 languages, the application adds value for customers across Europe. Customers like PartyDeco can also use the eLogistics platform to get up-to-date pricing information and select the DACHSER product offering that best matches their requirements.

PartyDeco wants to expand its collaboration with DACHSER. For example, it wants to work with the logistics provider to develop flexible solutions for its target customers, such as deliveries at a specific time. In addition, PartyDeco wants to systematically manage the exchange of crucial business documents along the supply chain exclusively by means of electronic data interchange (EDI).

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