How @ILO works: Identification, localization, measurement, and visualization

In the @ILO terminal, packages are identified, localized, measured, and recorded in the transport management system fully automatically when they enter and leave, as well as during their stay. This eliminates manual barcode scanning and the additional labeling of the packages.

@ILO: Identification, localization, measurement, and visualization

Two-dimensional data matrix codes on the top of each package serve as identifiers and, together with several hundred optical scanning units on the ceiling that capture the entire floor, provide the technological basis of this system.

As a result, it is possible to locate any package down to the meter without delay in transit terminals that are often the size of a soccer field. Employees can view the locations of shipments and the position of ground conveyors in real time, with this information displayed on websites, apps, or mobile displays together with instructions for internal transport. This significantly improves transparency in the warehouse and speeds up search and loading processes.

Making processes in the handling warehouse more efficient

One new feature is that ground conveyors and packages are linked automatically. The @ILO system detects when a ground conveyor picks up a pallet, and transmits information on each package to employee displays in real time. In addition to cutting process time, this helps make transit terminal workflows more efficient.

The @ILO digital twin is part of the DACHSER Future Terminal research and development program, under which the family-owned logistics company intends to deploy pioneering technologies and processes in its transit terminals and warehouses in Europe in the coming years. Dachser’s aim is to strengthen its competitiveness by innovating its own solutions to meet the challenges and opportunities presented by digitalization and sustainability.

You will find a summary of how @ILO works in the attached PDF.

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