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Ningbo ports status update and possible consequences

Regarding the closure of the port of Ningbo Meishan, we would like to give you an overview of the current situation and the possible consequences.

The closure of one of the busiest ports in China in general and in Ningbo in particular brings far-reaching consequences on the sea freight market and the worldwide supply chain. Please do expect shipment delays and increasing backlogs due to congestion and equipment shortage.

Current status at Ningbo ports

  • Ningbo Meishan Port remains closed, all operations at the terminal have been suspended since August 11, 2021.
  • All other terminals in Ningbo are operating but with limitations. Gate-in of export containers is limited to 2 days prior to vessel’s ETA.
  • Vessels from the OCEAN alliance are particularly affected, as the alliance mostly uses Meishan Port. Affected carriers announced that they plan to reroute vessels to other terminals at Ningbo or even omit the port, which is likely to result in significant delays.
  • Other Ningbo terminals are now under pressure with more vessels being rerouted, therefore delays due to congestion are to be expected.

Possible consequences

  • If the closure of Meishan Port persists, equipment shortage will become more critical, creating increased backlogs and rollovers.
  • Service reliability is likely to suffer and hence decline further. The average delay prior to the incident is already at 7-10 days due to congestion and will deteriorate further. To increase service reliability, carriers may omit ports which may end up with more rolled bookings/containers.
  • Overall, the closure of Ningbo Meishan Port will affect available capacities, albeit being strained already, negatively and further drive disruption in international container shipping.

We are in close contact with carriers and service providers on a daily basis and do our best to make your supply chain as smooth as possible. For individual advice, please contact your local representative of DACHSER so that we can implement the best logistics solution for you.

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