An award for innovation, an award for the network

Dachser CDO Stefan Hohm was presented with the prestigious "LEO Award for Innovation" by the logistics trade journal DVZ in Hamburg. In its laudatory speech, the jury highlighted Mr. Hohm´s commitment as a driver of innovation and change in logistics.

Award winner Stefan Hohm / Picture: Marco Grundt

For the 16th time, the German-language logistics trade journal DVZ presented the prestigious LEO Awards in the four categories Manager of the Year, Entrepreneur, Innovation and Lifetime Achievement. For the third and last time being, the venue was the historic courtyard of the Museum of Hamburg History, which shone in late summer splendor for the occasion.

It was an evening that also turned out to be a highlight from Dachser's point of view. Stefan Hohm, Chief Development Officer and member of the Executive Board, received the LEO Award for Innovation from Robert Kümmerlen, member of the DVZ editorial board. The award was given in recognition of Stefan Hohm's ability and motivation to embrace change and constantly reinvent himself-in his 30-year career at Dachser as well as in his role on the Executive Board as developer of innovations and future topics for the network. He does this with a great deal of passion and persuasiveness, while always keeping the future viability of a business model in mind.

Award for team and network

The honoree himself dedicated the LEO Award to his team in the IT & Development department, his management colleagues, and especially the entire Dachser network, which is putting Dachser's digital transformation into practice with a healthy dose of "courage to innovate. "It's rewarding to turn ideas into innovations with a strong team and together with the Dachser network and our customers," Stefan Hohm explained when he received the award. "Above all, it's important to take people with you, i.e., to reduce fears of technology, also explain potential dangers, and then get pilot projects up and running that can be scaled."

Digital transformation in close interaction between people and technology: at the subsequent LEO Gala, this forward-looking approach by Dachser was certainly still material for lively discussions among the approximately 300 guests in Hamburg.

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