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Safety through visibility

This year, a new flashing light concept was rolled out to improve the visibility of DACHSER trucks. Affixed to the sides of the trailers, these additional flashing lights help minimize the risk of accidents when trucks are turning—in particular during the darker months of the year. They flash whenever the driver activates the indicator.

Flashing side lights increase safety

Lights are good, flashing lights are better: flashing side lights are more noticeable than static lights on vehicles, especially in poor visibility conditions. To improve the passive safety of trailers in road traffic, logistics provider DACHSER began equipping its trailers with these lights in early 2020. The flashing lights are a useful additional tool for making the trailers more visible in road traffic. This in turn further increases safety for all road users, especially cyclists.

Flashing side lights increase safety

Comparable to daytime running lights or lane assistants in passenger cars, this passive safety feature helps reduce road accidents. DACHSER sources the flashing side lights on its trailers from its main suppliers Krone and Schmitz Cargobull. “By the end of 2020, around 400 trailers or 15 percent of the entire fleet in Europe will be equipped with these,” says Christian Schütz, DACHSER’s Department Head Technics/Technical Purchase. “Our goal is to equip all trailers with them within the next five years.”

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