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“We’re all in this together”

For over a year, the announcement that the coronavirus has led to some big changes has been ringing in our ears. But what has actually changed? Insights and perspectives from DACHSER’s corporate culture.

The pandemic brought specific changes and made people adapt to extraordinary situations.

The global COVID-19 pandemic has been a watershed event. What we would never have dared to imagine before is now reality—affecting both our private and our professional lives. Many ways of working, and especially ways of collaborating, are very different to what they were a year ago. Numerous processes that weren’t computerized, or were still carried out face-to-face, have since been digitalized. Here’s one real-life example: In February 2020, some 400 virtual meetings took place as video conferences at DACHSER. By November, this figure had skyrocketed to 28,000. Over 5,000 employees were working remotely at the start of 2021.

Finding resilience and meaning in the daily routine

However, the pandemic also raised public awareness of the importance of the logistics industry. The concept of resilience crops up time and again in the context of COVID-19. How do people adapt to extraordinary situations? DACHSER employees describe in the image gallery how they now view their job with different eyes and what specific changes the pandemic has brought for them. Click through the pictures.

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