At DACHSER sustainability is part of our DNA

We are convinced that only companies that position themselves sustainably will have a future in the long-term. As a family-owned enterprise, DACHSER is committed to a long-term and sustainable corporate policy, because sustainable action is the only way to ensure a secure and economically stable future. At DACHSER, this action is visible in different strategic projects and specific globally implemented sustainability measures, that focus on process and energy efficiency and also research and innovation.

The economic, social and ecological dimensions of sustainability are the focus here. They are firmly anchored in our corporate values and ensure orientation, identification and stability.

In addition, we carry out sustainability activities that go beyond the core business of logistics and the geographical presence of the company. We group these commitments under the term Corporate Citizen+.

As a private family-owned enterprise we want to make valuable contributions to the future viability of an economic and social order as far as we are able. The main focus is on enabling future generations to continue to lead a good life and above all, protecting natural resources and the use of resources over the long-term.


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