A breath of fresh air

Offices, hospitals, even aboard the International Space Station and the Mars rover: clean air is in demand everywhere. Camfil supplies smart filter solutions to achieve optimum indoor air quality. And when it comes to achieving flexibility in the warehouse and optimizing data communication, DACHSER has the answers.

In pursuit of optimum air quality

Thanks to growing environmental awareness, rising levels of fine particulate pollution, and increasingly strict legal regulations, air filter technology is booming. Camfil, the world’s leading supplier of air filters and air filtration systems, supplies smart filter solutions to improve indoor air quality for people and machines. To ensure that the air purifying products reach the company’s growing customer base as quickly, securely, and efficiently as possible, in Germany the group is now partnering with DACHSER. The chemistry between the partners is just as good as that of the air cleaned by Camfil filters.

On course for flexibility

After 16 months of preparation, the joint project went live in December 2017. Camfil Germany simply relocated its warehouse (previously operated internally) from Ellwangen to DACHSER’s Hof branch so as to respond to customer needs and ordered quantities with greater flexibility. The decision to move to Hof was based on an analysis of sales volume and shipping destinations, which favored the location’s proximity to Camfil’s production facility in Levice, Slovakia. Now the logistics provider delivers air filter systems to customers from its branch in north-east Bavaria. The move enhances Camfil’s position as a supplier of clean air for industries ranging from food and pharmaceuticals to automotive and microelectronics, as well as for hospitals, schools, shopping malls, airports, and museums.

“We handle all shipments for Camfil Germany,” reports Norbert Völkl, Manager Contract Logistics at DACHSER Logistikzentrum Hof. “Our branch also offers the value-added service of providing order-specific Signum labels which allows shipments to go directly to various divisions even at large, complex company campuses. This facilitates Camfil deliveries to major customers.”

Camfil’s collaboration with DACHSER injects flexibility into its operations and has improved communication thanks to an EDI interface and sharing of shipment and status information. Overall, it reduces the company’s delivery times in an increasing dynamic business.

Camfil has been dedicated to producing the best air quality for people, machines, and sensitive processes since 1966. Since then, the group—headquartered in Stockholm—has expanded and now has 30 production facilities, 6 R&D locations, regional sales offices in more than 30 countries, and more than 4,200 employees.

After such a successful start, the company believes there is still major potential to be tapped in its collaboration with DACHSER. For example, in the future DACHSER will provide more services for Camfil customers, especially at the local DACHSER hubs. What’s more, the partnership with DACHSER could be expanded to other countries. The sky’s the limit—in this case, literally: DACHSER’s network doesn’t yet extend quite as far as outer space.

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