DACHSER invests in France

To strengthen its European Logistics network, DACHSER has invested about EUR 7 million at two French locations.

The new branch in Angers.

DACHSER has chosen Angers, a city in western France, as the location of a completely new branch. At a cost of about EUR 5.2 million, the platform was built according to the latest environmental standards. The site offers 4,200 square meters—which includes 700 square meters of office space and a 3,500 square meters transit terminal—with room to expand to double that size.

The branch employs 60 people and has been operational since March. Its overall activity comes to 220 metric tons of goods per day with 27 trucks that handle regional distribution.

With 18 lines to France and Europe, DACHSER Angers offers a daily connection to the 363 branches that are part of the European Logistics network, which spans 24 European countries.

Renovation of La Verrie—where it all began

In the west of France, DACHSER has invested 1.6 million euros to renovate and remodel its existing facilities in La Verrie near the city of Nantes.

The offices and social areas have been redesigned and enlarged by 300 square meters, which has permitted the hiring of 12 new employees. A big part of the investment has been dedicated to modernizing the transport branch’s production tools, including the installation of 35 mechanical dock levelers and 6 hydraulic dock levelers, an increase in the amount of light on the docks, and an upgrade of the equipment on the 98 docking bays with completely renovated loading areas.

DACHSER La Verrie has daily connections to Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, and the UK. These connections have allowed the branch to consolidate its position as a regional leader, with a 50% increase in export tonnage over the last five years.

Looking ahead to the next five years, DACHSER France plans to further develop its activities with a highly export-oriented transport strategy supplemented by new solutions, particularly for the non-refrigerated transport of shelf-stable food products.

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