DACHSER is creating capacity in Poland

DACHSER has increased its capacity in Poland and expanded its branches in Stryków and Poznan.

Dachser expands capacities in Poland

In the central Polish town of Stryków near Łódź, DACHSER has expanded its branch to nearly 4,000 sqm. This included opening a new transit terminal, which is also designed to handle chemical products and dangerous goods. The addition of this transit terminal effectively more than doubles Stryków’s capacity. Its 24 additional ramps mean that Stryków branch now has a total of 34 loading bays.


In the next phase, DACHSER will invest in modernizing Stryków’s existing transit terminal and in constructing a modern office building with an area of nearly 2,500 sqm. In addition to the branch’s administrative staff, the building will also be home to the headquarters of DACHSER Poland and its own customs clearance office. Construction is expected to be completed by early 2020.

Poznan is DACHSER’s largest branch in Poland

In the Poznan branch, DACHSER expanded its transit terminal by 2,600 sqm, increasing the branch’s total area to 5,600 sqm.

This investment doubles the size of the transit terminal and raises the number of loading bays from 26 to 53. One of these is an additional loading bay for transshipping ADR goods (dangerous goods); it is equipped with a basin for safely catching hazardous materials in the event of a leak. The Poznan facility features energy-efficient LED lighting and a place to charge e-vehicles with lithium-ion batteries. DACHSER also expanded the scope of the site’s video surveillance.


Poznan is DACHSER’s largest branch in Poland. Some 85 trucks leave the premises daily, and the 4,500 sqm of warehouse space provide enough room for 7,000 pallets.

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