DACHSER transports sand to the wilderness

DACHSER is handling the transport and logistics management of sand containers for Argentinian energy company AESA. These containers are urgently needed to aid oil and gas production in the country’s remote Vaca Muerta region.

DACHSER transports sand to the wilderness

The extraction of fossil fuels is a key part of Argentina’s economy and is one of its largest growth markets. One of the world’s largest reserves of shale oil and gas was discovered several years ago in the remote area of Vaca Muerta in northern Patagonia. Sand is an integral part of the oil extraction process, but it must first be transported to this remote region as efficiently as possible.

“Without proper planning, the task of transporting sand containers is complicated and rather expensive. That’s why DACHSER Argentina evaluated how AESA was doing this and then developed a more efficient and cost-effective system,” says Eduardo Fernandes, Country Manager DACHSER Argentina. “It’s essential to ensure that the sand containers arrive at their destination on time, without losing or contaminating the sand.”

No sand, no oil

Sand is an important tool in the processing of oil and gas. In Vaca Muerta, the world’s largest shale oil reserve, the oil is extracted by forcing sand and water into pores and cracks in the shale—in other words, fracking with sand. This is a natural way of forcing the shale open, allowing it to be tapped for oil and gases. This method’s reliability and the rise in projects using it mean there is growing demand for sand in the region. For AESA, which operates this service in the region, the challenge lies in establishing a transparent and cost-effective supply chain for getting the required frac sand all the way up to Vaca Muerta. Thanks to DACHSER Argentina, this is now guaranteed.

This collaboration has also led to the implementation of a “door-to-port” system, utilizing DACHSER’s transport capacity to efficiently and seamlessly move the frac sand shipments around the world by road and sea. In addition, AESA recently began manufacturing special containers, known as Lumas Boxes, for the last mile. Using these, DACHSER Argentina can deliver the sand with great efficiency directly to the on-site conveyor belts in Vaca Muerta.

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