DACHSER welcomes 744 junior staff 

At the start of Germany’s training cycle, DACHSER’s locations across the country are hiring a total of 744 junior staff—over 100 more than last year. Of that group, 708 started their training in eleven different industrial and commercial occupations. The remaining 36 are students, who will be starting their various dual work-study programs with DACHSER in October, and one trainee.

The 2023 training cohort at DACHSER´s head office in Kempten. Photo: DACHSER/Matthias Sienz
The 2023 training cohort at DACHSER´s head office in Kempten. Photo: DACHSER/Matthias Sienz

The training of logistics operatives and managers has always been a high priority for the family-owned company. DACHSER knows that its employees are the key factor in its success and has designed its human resources strategy accordingly.

“Professional junior staff ensure DACHSER’s viability for the future,” says Burkhard Eling, CEO of DACHSER. “A company’s appeal as an employer begins with in-house training.”

The logistics company is once again welcoming a good-sized group of young people this year. As usual, the largest share of new entrants—322 people—are training for careers in freight forwarding and logistics services. They are joined by 161 warehouse specialists as well as 100 young people—12 percent more than in the previous year—who have decided to train as professional drivers.

A company’s appeal as an employer begins with in-house training.

Burkhard Eling, CEO of DACHSER

Across Germany, DACHSER currently has 1,670 trainees and 137 students in its three-year programs, for a training rate of just under 10 percent. In addition, over the last ten years, the company has become one of the largest training companies for professional drivers in Germany. Worldwide, roughly 2,200 young people are either training or studying at the logistics provider.

Appreciation in four dimensions

As part of its HR strategy, DACHSER focuses on four dimensions that are crucial for a professional and appreciative working environment. The first is “Employer Experience,” which the family-owned company defines as attractive, healthy, and flexible working conditions. It also means giving employees the freedom to develop their own ideas and make their own decisions. The “Collaboration” dimension promotes cooperation and knowledge sharing for all employees worldwide and across all levels. “Learning and Development” stands for lifelong learning and a culture in which people at DACHSER can develop as individuals. This idea is also reflected in the fourth dimension, “Corporate Culture.” “We want to empower our employees to grow beyond what they thought was possible. This includes encouraging continuous learning in the workplace. The most important role, however, is played by a corporate culture that always puts people at the center. From day one, we want to set an example for our junior logistics staff of respectful cooperation,” Eling emphasizes.

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