Increase of the truck toll rates in Germany as of December 1, 2023

The German federal government is planning to further increase the truck toll on December 1, 2023. Trucks with a gross vehicle weight of more than 7.5 tons are affected. The amount of the surcharge depends on the vehicle characteristics of the respective vehicle subject to the toll.

The toll is a fixed government tax over which DACHSER, as a logistics service provider, has no influence. The planned CO2 surcharge is to be introduced as a new toll rate for the external costs of transport-related CO2 emissions. Like the current partial toll rates, it will be charged as a cent amount per kilometer driven. In particular, the CO2 emission class, the weight, the number of axles and the pollutant class of a vehicle have an influence on the amount of the surcharge.  

Furthermore, emission-free trucks are to continue to be exempt from truck tolls until the end of 2025 in order to promote the change of engine in road freight transport. Thereafter, only 25 percent of the regular rate is to be levied. From July 1, 2024, the toll will then also apply to trucks with a gross vehicle weight of more than 3.5 tons. We will keep you up to date on this.

Due to these changes, it is necessary to adjust the toll table of DACHSER for Germany accordingly. If you have any questions about specific effects, please reach out to your usual DACHSER contact.

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