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Keeping things fresh in Southeastern Europe

The European Food Network continues to expand its offer.

Keeping things fresh in Southeastern Europe

Since April, DACHSER has been offering weekly groupage delivery for food from all over Europe to Macedonia, Montenegro, and Bosnia-Herzegovina through its Serbian freight forwarding agent Nelt. Previously it was possible to serve these countries only by direct transport.

In addition, the food network has also cleared the way for temperature-controlled groupage transports to Turkey. Depending on the food’s delivery destination, shipments are taken to one of four bonded warehouses in Turkey, where recipients can pick up their goods either on their own or through another party.

Background information:

The European Food Network is a European groupage network headed by DACHSER. It offers a consistently high level of quality for food shipments due to uniform, cross-border standards. With 13 partners and 10 freight forwarding agents, the network covers 34 countries in Europe. To do so, the network has access to roughly 1.74 million square meters of food grade storage space and around 10,500 refrigerated transport units.

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