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King Willem-Alexander visits DACHSER in Waddinxveen

Willem-Alexander, King of the Netherlands, visited DACHSER in Waddinxveen on July 1. During a tour of the branch and subsequent discussion sessions, he was thoroughly briefed on the topic of education and training in companies and how to ensure that it continues, especially in times of crisis.

From left to right: Remco van Groningen, internship supervisor DACHSER, Lars Schrijvers, BBL student, Hannie Vlug, CEO of SBB, King Willem-Alexander, His Majesty the King, Edwin Vermeulen, General Manager DACHSER Rotterdam Logistics Center, Aat van der Meer, Managing Director, DACHSER Benelux.

DACHSER Netherlands is a recognized training facility of the Dutch Foundation for Cooperation on Vocational Education, Training and Labour Market (SBB). In response to the coronavirus pandemic, SBB has launched an action plan to ensure that training continues to be offered. DACHSER is setting a good example here and has consistently continued its training programs, even during the recent months of the pandemic.

King Willem-Alexander began his visit to the Waddinxveen branch with a tour of the terminal, where he met with numerous young people and their trainers. He then talked to students who are about to graduate and their supervisors about their wishes and ideas for their professional future. The king also took part in two discussion sessions that examined the subject of training in the business world in more depth. Representatives from various companies and industries as well as from politics and administration were invited to attend.

Good training is part of the corporate culture

In 2018 and 2019, DACHSER Netherlands was named the sector’s best training facility in the province of South Holland. Aat van der Meer, Managing Director of DACHSER Benelux, says: “Our employees are our greatest strength, and people are at the core of all we do. It’s great to see that recognition for this DACHSER approach extends as far as the royal family. The royal visit was a great honor for us and we are very grateful to our close partner SBB for making this possible.”

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