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Megatrends in logistics

What kind of future should logistics providers be preparing themselves for? What trends and developments will shape and reshape the sector tomorrow? And what is DACHSER’s take on all this? Here are five milestones on the way to the logistics market of the future.

Logistics means always having a plan.

Read the five milestones on the way to the logistics market of the future in the cover story of DACHSER magazine issue 01/22.


Logistics will face some major and complex challenges as the future unfolds. It’s our job as logistics providers to understand the many concurrent processes in their full complexity, to consider every angle when we’re developing solutions, and thus to play an active role in shaping the upcoming changes and megatrends. The opportunities this creates should vastly outweigh the risks and justify disrupting the status quo. The French scientist Louis Pasteur (1822–1895) was far ahead of his time in thinking about the VUCA world, once making the rather apt observation that “chance favors only the prepared mind.”

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