Self-assured on any terrain

Absolute reliability and short delivery times are the name of the game for Muc-Off – a British company that manufactures maintenance products for bikes and motorcycles. Muc-Off supplies distributors, retailers and customers across Europe and is now making inroads into the US market. This calls for a logistics partner that can really deliver.

After the race it is time for the classic pink Bike Cleaner which breaks down dirt and grime easily.

It all started in the UK back in 1991, when Rex and Marilyn Trimnell set out to create cleaning products for bicycles. After some experimentation, Rex hit upon the formula for a pink cleaning spray that would rapidly become one of the top cleaning products for bikes on the market. Since then, the Muc-Off product portfolio has steadily expanded to include everything that real cycling enthusiasts treat their bikes to – from chain lubricants to care products for leather saddles. Today, it’s Rex and Marilyn’s son Alex who develops new products, all of which must pass rigorous inspection by top biking professionals before being released on the market.

Once a mere start-up, Muc-Off now sells its products throughout Europe, and the rest of the world, via a distributor network and retailers. In 2014, when it came time to line up the right logistics partner, Muc-Off decided on DACHSER. What convinced Muc-Off was DACHSER’s comprehensive network and its online tracking facility that provides precise information about the company’s export deliveries across Europe: “DACHSER organizes our component supply from the Far East and a large portion of our exports from our warehouse in Swindon,” explains Simon Jennings, Muc-Off’s Logistics Manager, regarding the important role DACHSER plays in his supply chain management. “We also supply the US market via sea freight. What we value most is the personal service that we receive from DACHSER employees. They are always there to help us manage the constantly changing needs of our business.”

Service with a capital ‘S’

“DACHSER’s seasoned support team at the company’s branch office in Dartford in the south of England is always ready to offer help and advice, for instance when we’re faced with tricky export conditions in certain regions or when we’re under extreme time pressure to make urgent deliveries to a trade fair. This sort of service is invaluable and has helped us meet deadlines even when time was tight,” Jennings says.

DOMINO, the freight forwarding software that DACHSER developed in-house, has proved an efficient tool. What makes DOMINO so accurate is that it is used at every point along the delivery routes DACHSER operates. Jennings is quick to praise the system’s benefits. “For us, electronic proof of delivery is one of the most important aspects of DACHSER’s tracking facility.”

The latest collaboration between DACHSER and Muc-Off is a training project for staff. All this goes to show that bikes and their owners can continue to rely on pink power!

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