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Companies seeking to open up new markets need a sound plan, plenty of commitment, courage, entrepreneurial thinking—and strong partners at their side.

DACHSER magazine 01/19

A shining example of such a company is Dicsa, one of the world’s leading distributors and manufacturers of stainless steel fittings and hydraulic and pneumatic components. The Spanish company started off small in the 80s, but since then has been steadily growing and expanding. It now serves over 4,000 customers on five continents. Dachser has supported these internationalization efforts as Dicsa’s logistics partner, first in Spain, then in northern and central Europe, and now in the US as well. Turn to page 4 to find out what role shrewd contract logistics plays in this partnership as well as how the closely intertwined Dachser networks contribute.

Global scale

Battery manufacturer ARTS Energy is also thinking on a global scale. The company makes a point of locating its manufacturing operations in Europe, and Dachser ensures that the high-quality products are transported from France to customers all around the world—by road, air, and sea freight. You can read more about that starting on page 23. And the Czech Republic, too, is thinking beyond its borders: nestled in the heart of Europe, the country boasts a thriving industrial sector and is positioning itself as a key logistics hub. Turn to the country profile on page 28 to find out more.


You’ll find these and other stories from the world of logistics in the pages of this issue. We hope you enjoy reading it!

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