"What counts now is quality, reliability and transparency"

Bottlenecks and disruptions in global supply chains are unsettling markets. Supply chain planning has become a matter for the top management. DACHSER CEO Burkhard Eling on changing demands on the logistics partner.

Burkhard Eling, CEO DACHSER

Are the bottlenecks and disruptions in global supply chains jeopardizing economic recovery? In any case, there is great uncertainty on the world markets. And for good reason: around 40 percent of our customers with complex, international supply chains have already suffered significant losses, whether due to stop-and-go replenishment of goods or forced production stoppages.

In this situation, it’s no surprise that 70 percent of our customers are considering structural changes to their supply chains. Such an undertaking doesn’t happen overnight and will require a lot of effort, but we’re already seeing some concrete actions go into effect. Companies are building up buffer stocks in Europe, broadening their supplier base for intermediate products, or increasingly manufacturing where the largest sales markets are located.

Be an anchor of reliability

These developments have escalated supply chain planning to the top management level. There, in the current situation, the decisive criteria for success are quality, reliability, and transparency. But greater resilience also makes supply chains much more complex. It increases the demands on the logistics partner, its networks, its IT systems, and also the people who provide the service. At DACHSER, we have worked hard and invested a lot to meet this demand and fulfill our mission: to be an anchor of reliability and to give some security back to our customers.

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