With DACHSER on the southern route: full truck loads from China to Europe

The war in Ukraine has also had an impact on intercontinental land transport between Asia and Europe. Journeys through Russia and Belarus as well as through the conflict zone itself have become impossible. However, DACHSER Cargoplus can continue to offer the service reliably via an alternative southern route.

With DACHSER on the southern route: full truck loads from China to Europe

In order to be able to connect Chinese production sites directly with customers in Europe by truck at present, the full truck load transports are handled via a southern alternative route. The transport leaves China via the Alashankou border crossing in the direction of Kazakhstan. It then travels by ferry across the Caspian Sea to Azerbaijan, Georgia, through Turkey and from there to the consignees in Europe. Depending on the waiting times at the borders and at the ferry, which can be a bottleneck with this intercontinental transport alternative, the journey takes between 26 and 30 days. In total, the goods are completely reloaded twice onto another truck.

DACHSER Cargoplus launched the service of transporting full truck loads between China and Europe two years ago - at that time via the faster route through Russia. The service is aimed in particular at the fashion, automotive, chemical, and DIY sectors, as well as manufacturers of electrical appliances and components and medical products.

"Green traffic light process" for smooth exports

Chinese customs frequently changes its specifications, regulations, and handling and product controls. Nevertheless, to make exporting by truck as smooth as possible, DACHSER Cargoplus has installed a "green light" process. Only after the export documents have been successfully submitted and checked by the customs authorities of China and the Eurasian Economic Union is there a "green light" to pick up the goods at the loading point.

DACHSER Cargoplus also offers comprehensive services for all aspects of the transports, which can be tracked by GPS outside China. Hazardous goods transports are also possible. Embargoed goods, which are not allowed to be transported through the countries of the Eurasian Customs Union due to international guidelines, are excluded.

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