Bonding through values

DACHSER stands for a close, family-like bond among all employees. A set of core values forms the company’s DNA. And not only on paper: DACHSER values are part of everyday life with the company and are practiced as a matter of course. All around the world.

Connecting values - worldwide

It’s in times of crisis—when things we took for granted at work and in our private lives crumble overnight, when well-oiled supply chains start to go off track or even temporarily grind to a halt—that people pull closer together and develop a heightened awareness of their common bonds. We’ve seen it across all different levels: DACHSER employees not only understand our corporate values, they live and breathe them as well, applying them to themselves and to their roles within the network.

Examples from around the world

Click through the image gallery and see for yourself what DACHSER employees around the world associate with our corporate values.

DACHSER worldwide
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