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DACHSER branch in San Sebastian, Spain: assessed according to the SQAS safety and quality assessment system.

An SQAS assessment is a special challenge for logistics providers in the chemical industry. After the Barcelona North and Valencia locations, the DACHSER branch in San Sebastian, Spain, for example, has now also been assessed according to the SQAS safety and quality assessment system. An interview with Jens Müller, Head of Network Management Organization at DACHSER, about this kind of independent quality and safety check.

Mr. Müller: What does an SQAS assessment mean for DACHSER?

SQAS has its origins very much in the chemical industry, where quality, safety, and environmental standards have always been a central concern and have long been given top priority. This makes SQAS assessments very important for DACHSER, too. The system combines quality and safety considerations with environmental protection management. These are exactly the issues to which DACHSER is particularly committed, and they are firmly embedded in our corporate strategies. In effect, SQAS is a way for us to document our own quality requirements as regards markets and customers.

What differentiates SQAS from certifications such as ISO? And can you give an example of the areas SQAS considers?

In contrast to theoretically derived certifications or seals, SQAS assessments are very practical and tailored to complete logistics networks. Since our European Logistics business line also transports a large proportion of chemical products and dangerous goods, SQAS is an ideal acknowledgment of the regulations we have defined for ourselves. In fact, our standards are often significantly higher than the relevant legislation requires.

One interesting thing is that the system has a questionnaire both for the transport service and for warehousing. This means it covers the different standards in great detail. As DACHSER operates some very large warehouses for hazardous materials, SQAS helps us analyze, compare, and assess the different processes thoroughly—and communicate this definitively to the customer.

What does the customer get out of it?

Thanks to SQAS, customers can be sure that DACHSER is committed to outstanding logistics processes, quality, environmental management, health, and safety, as well as living up to its corporate social responsibility. Companies in the chemical industry demand nothing less. In addition, customers can take part in the assessments at any time—and that’s really the most transparent and effective way to evaluate a logistics provider.

Mr. Müller, thanks a lot for the interview.

Interview with: Jens Müller, Head of Network Management Organization at DACHSER

Jens Müller on the value of an independent quality and safety check of an SQAS assessment.

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