Adverse weather conditions in Spain

Due to the Filomena storm that has affected all Spain in recent days and especially the Community of Madrid, we inform you of the following restrictions:

Road Transport:

  • Traffic restrictions for heavy vehicles imposed by the DGT (partially open on some roads).
  • Restrictions on access to industrial estates due to accumulation of snow and vehicles.
  • Difficulty in collections, deliveries and shipments to other delegations. Journeys to and from Madrid may suffer significant delays.
  • Difficulties in distribution activities throughout the week, mainly in the branch in Madrid.
  • Temporary reduction of long-distance routes between delegations.

Air Transport

  • MAD airport starts operating slowly but suffers long delays due to canceled flights.
  • Handling personnel are severely restricted and therefore air cargo operations start to run very slowly.
  • Customs operations are giving priority to express shipments.
  • Road access to and from Madrid suffer significant restrictions.
  • During this week, the alert is still active due to very low temperatures (in some places below -10ºC), so we still expect strong restrictions and incidents in all transport and distribution services.

If you have any questions, please contact your local contact at the respective DACHSER branch.

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