DACHSER expands in the North of England

DACHSER has opened a new branch in the UK town of Rochdale, near Manchester. The logistics provider has invested EUR 16 million in a facility measuring 5,175 square meters.

DACHSER has opened a new branch in the UK town of Rochdale, near Manchester

“Our investment underscores DACHSER’s commitment to the UK market and despite the prevailing uncertainties regarding Brexit reflects our optimism regarding the future of the country’s trade with the rest of Europe,” says Mark Rollinson, Managing Director DACHSER UK.

Since the acquisition of J. A. Leach Transport Limited in 2010, DACHSER’s business in the UK has grown fivefold, necessitating the expansion of storage capacities in the country. Rollinson continues: “This investment supports not only our growth ambitions in the North of the UK but also means that we can continue to meet and exceed our customers’ service and quality expectations”, adds Rollinson.

Brexit preparations checklist

Brexit could become a reality on October 31. However, it is still unclear what form it will take. DACHSER has a checklist to ensure its customers are ideally prepared for all scenarios:


DACHSER has six locations in the UK that together employ a total of 448 people, 106 of whom are based in Rochdale, where the company expects to create more jobs over the next five years.

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