Efficient management of global supply chains by DACHSER Air & Sea Logistics

In air and sea freight, operational procedures are characterized by a high degree of manual effort and require coordination with numerous contacts. With DACHSER as a logistics partner, customers benefit from digital solutions for more efficient management of their international supply chains. A single point of contact at DACHSER supports and coordinates their simple and fast implementation.

DACHSER's experience does show that more and more companies are taking advantage of digital applications for managing their air and sea freight. In order to provide customers with a suitable digital solution according to their requirements, DACHSER provides a diverse product portfolio. The offer is based on personalized customer solutions such as eLogistics, the central customer platform of DACHSER or standardized EDI applications and web based APIs. Analog processes can thus be replaced, optimized, or direct connections to the IT infrastructure of DACHSER can be created. The global project management by the experts of DACHSER Air & Sea Logistics does not only cover isolated parts but the entire processes and customer requirements along the supply chain are considered. This holistic approach also takes into account the overarching connection to the DACHSER Road Logistics network. For a smooth implementation, the products are tested by simulating use cases before going into operation.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Nationwide project management and professional consulting by a competent, single point of contact at DACHSER
  • Transparency and communication throughout the entire project process
  • Digital, paperless exchange without e-mails: direct transmission of forwarding orders to DACHSER’s transport management system for air and sea freight (Othello)
  • Sending status and invoice data to the customer's ERP system
  • Fully automated, time saving and low-disruption processes
  • Fast and detailed shipment information in real time
  • Seamless integration via a single, secure source of data, thus avoiding data silos
  • Synergy effects of the homogeneous system infrastructure of DACHSER
  • Extension of existing enterprise solutions with additional features 
  • Comprehensive digital set-up with customized solutions

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