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Cables that connect the world: DACHSER helps fiber optic technology specialist OFS grow worldwide and provides efficient logistics support in Russia, Morocco, and the USA.

High-speed online surfing would be inconceivable without fiber optic cables.

Data transmission at the speed of light—fiber optic cables are the backbone of modern communication networks. Without them, borderless telecommunication, HD television, and high-speed online surfing would be inconceivable. Part of the Japanese Furukawa Electric Group, OFS manufactures optical fiber and fiber optic cables in almost every corner of the world. DACHSER helps the company transport them around the globe.

Fiber optic cables are in great demand. That is no surprise given their high performance and efficiency. The type of data transfer makes the difference compared to traditional copper cables: while copper wires transport electrons, fiber optic cables transport photons. The electrical signals—such as those produced during phone calls or when surfing the web—are “translated” into digital signals by a converter and transported through the fiber optic cables in the form of “light flashes.”

The world has taken communication at the speed of light as a given for many years now. These are exciting times for fiber optic specialists such as OFS. The company is continually opening new production sites in logistically challenging countries. Above all, DACHSER ensures the supply of raw materials for cable manufacturing. This is where DACHSER Interlocking, the integrated use of Road Logistics and Air & Sea Logistics, is especially useful.

Since the OFS plant near the Central Russian city of Voronezh began production, there have been weekly shipments from all over the world to Munich where materials are brought in for consolidation. From there, the material is carried by truck to Russia. In addition, DACHSER transports six to eight containers per month from Voronezh to Abidjan on the Ivory Coast and to Algeria. On top of this, DACHSER will also handle imports from around the world for the new OFS site in Tangier (Morocco).

Complex supply chains including some logistically complicated production sites

Everything started in 2012 with air cargo from the United States to Europe. Soon after, DACHSER also took on sea freight from Shanghai to OFS US headquarters. Step by step, DACHSER then further expanded the fiber optic specialist’s global commodity flows.

“We have very complex supply chains, which include some logistically complicated production sites such as our locations in Russia and Morocco,” explains Xavier Beguiristain, Global Logistics Manager at OFS. “To connect them to global markets, we use the worldwide DACHSER network and its great flexibility. This gives us the ability to grow further.” Beguiristain values DACHSER as an innovator and partner because it enables OFS to further optimize logistics processes and let them develop dynamically.

Meanwhile, the two companies are working together on five continents—North America, South America, Africa, Europe, and Asia. Millions upon millions of kilometers of fiber optic cables have been transported during the seven years of the companies’ relationship. “What impresses me the most is that DACHSER offers the same quality everywhere in the world and always with a personal touch,” says Beguiristain. “DACHSER personnel have lots of experience and you can feel that there is a good spirit of togetherness in the company.”

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