Successful IFS audit for DACHSER Food Logistics in Hungary

In the latest International Featured Standard (IFS) audit, DACHSER Budapest achieved “Higher Level” classification for its food logistics. The certificate testifies that the process chain of Liegl & DACHSER in Hungary meets the highest standards of legal compliance, safety, and quality in the handling of food.

Árpád Darvasi, General Manager Food Logistics DACHSER Budapest, is proud that DACHSER in Hungary has made the step up to the higher certification level.

Food logistics has particularly high requirements for quality, safety, and legal compliance. From farming and production to trade and delivery to the consumer, numerous national and international guidelines must be observed. Consequently, industry and trade also expect high quality and hygiene standards from their logistics partners. As a standardized audit based on a homogeneous evaluation system, the IFS establishes the comparability and transparency of processes in the transport chains of the food and supply industry.

Step up to the highest certification level

IFS certification guarantees the highest quality and food safety as well as the maintenance of product quality throughout the entire process. Companies must be recertified every year. “We’re very proud that DACHSER in Hungary has made the step up to the higher certification level,” says Árpád Darvasi, General Manager for Food Logistics at DACHSER Budapest. 

DACHSER Food Logistics offers customers logistics solutions in the food industry, food retail, and related sectors and provides solutions for the efficient handling of temperature-sensitive products and preserved foods. The Budapest location is also connected to a further 33 countries through the European Food Network.

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